How old is your boiler? If it was installed in the early 2000s (or even before), it may be an older non-condensing type. If so, you are not enjoying the most efficient source of heat for your home.

How efficient are older non-condensing boilers?

Most sources agree the best you can hope for from these older boilers is a 78% efficiency rating. That means even if you have the best one that was produced, you are losing 22% of the heat the boiler is creating for you. 

These boilers also work at a higher temperature, requiring more energy to do so. They may have been cheaper to buy when compared with the condensing alternative, but you’ll certainly pay more in running costs.

How does this compare to a modern condensing boiler?

Modern technology has allowed condensing boilers to be created. They provide a stark contrast in efficiency, offering up to 99% efficiency compared to the non-condensing models. That means very little heat is wasted with these boilers. 

They also require a far lower operating heat during combustion – less than a third of the temperature required by the old-style boilers.

How does this translate into lower heating bills?

Heating bills can really mount up, especially if we experience a bad winter. If your property still has an old non-condensing boiler, you may want to consider investing in a modern condensing one to help lower your bills.

Here’s an example to illustrate how this works. Understanding the efficiency of a boiler is much easier to do if you translate it into financial terms. Let’s say you spend €1 heating your home. For every pound spent on heat generated by a non-condensing boiler, you’ll waste 22 cents. 

That’s a minimum, too – remember that the 78% efficiency figure is the best you could hope for. So, 22 cents vanish, never to be seen again, while 78 cents get you the heating you are looking for.

In contrast, a modern energy-efficient boiler gives you up to 99 cents of heat for every euro you spend. That means only around one cent is wasted. 

How much are you spending on your heating bills?

If you have an old boiler, chances are you are spending a lot more than you would if you had an energy-efficient model. Let’s suppose it takes €20 for that modern boiler to heat your home for a week. With 99 cents in every euro going towards this purpose, you’re going to achieve that aim very efficiently.

However, if you still have an old boiler, only 78 cents (at best) will go towards heating your home. If you do the maths, you’ll see it would take around €25 to achieve the same result.

How Will a High Efficiency Boiler Help Heat Your Home More Effectively?So, for a more cost-effective and powerful way to heat your home, a condensing boiler is undoubtedly the best option for you. It’s far better for the environment too, giving you yet another reason to make the switch if you haven’t already done so. 

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