Do you always feel cold in the winter, even when your heating is on, and you’re snuggled on the sofa wearing a jumper? If so, your existing boiler may not be producing the heat you need. 

Of course, it’s always advisable to insulate your property as best you can. In doing so, you will prevent much of the heat your boiler generates from escaping. This can occur through gaps around windows and doors. A lack of insulation in the roof and walls can also lead to heat leaking out through the walls and roof.

Could a different boiler help you heat your home more effectively?

Many homes could benefit from installing better boilers. There are several reasons why this might be the case:

  • Your boiler may be an old and inefficient one
  • It may be a non-condensing type (no longer permitted for installation)
  • It may be too small for your property

Every boiler has limitations. One can be more powerful than another. Does your property have several bedrooms, each with an en-suite, and a large main bathroom that is constantly in use? If so, you’re going to need a more powerful boiler capable of delivering the required output. Getting a cheaper boiler is likely to result in a lower output that isn’t enough to generate the heat and hot water required.

Take your existing boiler as a starting point

It seems to make sense to replace like for like. Yet this is not always advisable. If you speak to an experienced boiler engineer, they will be able to assess your property. They will also ask you some questions about how your existing boiler is performing. For example:

  • Is your home well heated or do you find you can never get warm enough?
  • Is your boiler able to deliver the hot water supplies you need?
  • Have you installed insulation anywhere in your home since the existing boiler was fitted?
  • Have you added bathrooms or en-suites since the existing boiler was fitted?
  • Have you added new radiators anywhere in your home?

All these elements help gauge the best size of boiler for your property. The more rooms you have, the more bathrooms and radiators you have, the more powerful your boiler needs to be. This is expressed in kilowatts, often shown as kW. 

Making changes could mean a new boiler would be required

Many people purchase a new boiler for installation by a qualified professional because the old boiler has irretrievably broken down. Others choose to replace an existing one if they are extending a property or performing other home improvements and require something better and more powerful.

Today’s boilers must be condensing. That means they can convert more of the energy they create into usable energy. The older non-condensing models may be around 25% less efficient than their modern-day counterparts. If you still have a non-condensing boiler, this alone could well be reason enough to install a new boiler, so you can heat your home and water more easily than before.

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