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3 Ways to Block a Bathtub Drain Without having A Plug


Do you have a bathtub drain that is constantly clogged? Is your bathroom consistently flooded since of it? You are not alone. Tens of millions of persons experience this problem each individual working day, but never panic! There are distinct approaches to block a bathtub drain without having a plug.

In this post, we will discuss about 3 techniques to block a bathtub drain without having a plug.

So, let us get begun!

1. Utilizing Vacant Espresso Capsule

Did you at any time imagine espresso capsules could be beneficial at property? Perfectly, they certainly are! Espresso capsules make for excellent stoppers in your bathtub drain. They in shape properly and stop water from spilling more than the tub flooring.

Just use an empty capsule of the right sizing to block your drain opening – it is as simple as that!

This remedy is fantastic if you are in a hurry and do not have just about anything else to plug the drain with.

2. Producing Use of a Lid

Yet another way to block your bathtub drain devoid of a plug is by using a lid. This operates particularly well if the opening of your drain is little.

All you need is a durable lid that can include the drain – for case in point, from a jar lid or container lid. Put it around the opening and hold it in location with one hand. On the other hand, pour water over the lid right until the bathtub is whole.

Make absolutely sure the lid is airtight and doesn’t have any holes. If it does, you will end up with a flooded bathroom once yet again!

3. Employing a Plastic Bag

The very last way to block a bathtub drain devoid of a plug is by working with a plastic bag. This method is fantastic for blocking large drains.

All you will need is a sturdy and thick plastic bag that can hold water without the need of breaking. When the bag is complete, tie a knot in the top and place it more than the drain opening. Drive it down till it is totally submerged and wait for the bathtub to fill up.

When you are completed, get rid of the bag and vacant its contents into the rest room. Voilà! Your bathroom is now flood-absolutely free!

You Could Just Hire Rick’s Plumbing Service

If you are not comfortable carrying out any of the previously mentioned strategies, or if they really do not operate, then you could usually just retain the services of a expert plumber. They will have all the required applications to unclog your drain quickly and easily.

Rick’s Plumbing Service is a trusted and trustworthy plumbing firm that can support you with this and other plumbing issues. Give them a get in touch with currently!


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