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Prevalent Vokera boiler issues & fixes


16 February 2021

Vokera are a more cost-effective boiler brand name in comparison to corporations like Vaillant and Worcester, which does also tend to imply that they operate into a handful of much more challenges as a outcome. For several homeowners they present a much less expensive choice to other makes, despite the fact that this does frequently arrive with a downside of getting to pay out for additional repairs, and in additional critical scenarios where a substitution is essential it can call for new boiler installation.

We have put collectively a troubleshooting manual for Vokera boilers to enable you diagnose the dilemma and also convey to you how each just one can be solved. In some situations, you will have to have a Gas Safe registered engineer to assist, and if you’re based in Dublin please do get in touch with us and we’ll be very satisfied to help.

Leading 10 Vokera Boiler Complications

Vokera Eyesight 30c challenges

House owners of Vokera Eyesight boilers can working experience concerns with the ignition, with loud gurgling noises listened to when the boiler is turned on. The ignition section can be easily changed, whilst if the situation is connected to a faulty PCB board it could be a much more high-priced difficulty to resolve.

Vokera Compact 29a issues

Popular Vokera Compact 29a troubles consist of the ‘03’ error code. This is usually affiliated with the admirer, as pieces employed in Vokera boilers are likely not to be of the greatest high quality and can breakdown. Lovers are ordinarily really clear-cut to be replaced – and installing the overall enthusiast is generally a greater lengthy-phrase possibility to lessen the probability of it taking place once again.

Vokera Mynute boiler challenges

If you knowledge fault code ‘73’ or ‘79’ this is a person of the widespread Vokera Mynute 20e challenges proprietors can encounter. It signifies a fault return thermistor, which need to be a clear-cut part to switch if that is the root of the issue. Other Vokera thermostat complications can be connected to a restrict temperature fault, while other Vokera thermostat error codes can be linked to small temperature concerns.

Vokera Linea 28 problems

Search out for Vokera boiler ‘01’ mistake code which seems when the boiler fails to ignite. If resetting does not operate then get in contact with us to organize an engineer. Mistake code ‘03’ seems for the reason that of a defective lover or flue. As over, if resetting does not take care of the difficulty Homecure will be in a position to support.

Boiler force problems

When it is much too small, Vokera boiler water strain will make mistake codes ‘40’, ‘41’ and ‘A04’ on Linea and Compact versions. This will signify affect general performance levels and a Vokera boiler with low tension could be owing to a leak in the system. If you suspect a leak, get in touch with us ideal away so an engineer can diagnose and repair.

Flashing pink lights

Vokera boilers with a purple light flashing indicates a challenge that needs to be fixed. On a Compact product it may well develop the ‘A01’ code with a red light that showing an ignition concern. Flashing red lights and red lights that remain without the need of flashing will necessarily mean distinctive issues and will be anything our engineers can aid fix.

Flashing eco-friendly lights

When the eco-friendly light-weight is regularly on it signifies the flame is working, but a flashing environmentally friendly gentle could be because of to a defective hot water sensor or because it is in standby. A reset may possibly be ample but if not you might have to have to get in touch to arrange an engineer to diagnose the issue.

Hot water issues

You could have a challenge with the diverter valve if the water is not getting warm or only will get heat when the heating is turned on. This is a typical dilemma with Flowmatic and Unica HE boilers, but it doesn’t normally have to imply the whole diverter unit has to be replaced. This is one thing a Homecure engineer can evaluate and repair in a small total of time.

Boiler condensate problems

If the condensate lure or pipe is blocked you will see mistake codes ‘92’, ‘93’ or ‘95’ exhibited. A blocked pipe can generally be unblocked outside by pouring warm water overs it until it thaws. If this doesn’t do the trick there may be particles in the pipe that requirements to be cleaned out which can be done by removing the pipe and jogging water by means of it.

Boiler kettling difficulties

When a Vokera boiler is generating whistling, banging or gurgling noises it could be owing to lower water tension in the program (which could also point out a leak) or kettling. In either condition you ought to get in touch with Homecure to set up for an engineer to take a look at and resolve the problem for you.

Which Vokera boiler problems require a Homecure engineer?

We are professionals at Vokera boiler troubleshooting and can diagnose and repair any trouble you are suffering from with your technique. Homecure have a staff of experienced Gas Safe and sound engineers who are readily available to give boiler repairs at small see. Get in touch with us today to make an appointment.

Boiler situation

Feasible explanation

Must I call a Homecure engineer?

Banging noises or whistling

This could be due to a leak, or could be related to an ignition issue.

Of course

No heating or hot water

Can be brought on by defective diverter valves and may create purple flashing lights on the method.


Very low stress

There may well be a leak in the program – primarily if it carries on to materialize – or an difficulty with a valve.

Of course – if it is a leak. If refilling the procedure to lessen, or bleeding the radiators, to raise the pressure, does not get the job done, get in touch.


Leaks can happen anywhere in the method and might not constantly be obvious. They will need to be tackled and mounted proper away.

Of course

Boiler shutting down

Could be a defective air pump or thermostat producing the concern and a component desires to be changed.


Difficulties with thermostat

Normally a limit or small temperature fault that requires the thermostat to be replaced. May also be similar to timing and temperature configurations.

Yes – if resetting the timings/temperature does not resolve the dilemma.

Frozen condensate pipe

Usually just requirements warm  water to be poured in excess of the external pipe so it thaws out.

Of course – if soon after thawing the pipe is continue to blocked there may be a further explanation for the challenge.

No pilot mild

The thermocouple may need to have to be replaced if the boiler is not lights up.

Of course

Chilly radiators

If there is much too significantly limescale or sludge in the program water will wrestle to pass through the radiator to warm them up.

Possibly – bleed the radiators to see if this fixes the dilemma. If not, get in contact with us to organize a scheduling.

Kettling noises

This can be an additional problem connected to limescale or sludge in the process that needs to be cleared.

Maybe – bleed the radiators but contact us if the noises persist.

Some of these concerns are identical to prevalent Worcester boiler troubles and widespread Vaillant boiler problems, which may perhaps also need identical repair function.

FAQs about Vokera boiler troubles

How do you reset a Vokera boiler?

To reset a Vokera boiler improve the mode selector to ‘Off/Reset’. Then shift it back to ‘Heating and Warm Water’ or ‘Hot Water Only’. This need to reboot the procedure so it starts to do the job yet again. If not, get in touch with Homecure who can arrange for an engineer to test the boiler.

How very long should really a Vokera boiler past?

Vokera boilers will last for distinctive lengths of time depending on use, installation and how well-serviced it is. Vokera boilers come with a 12-thirty day period guarantee as conventional, while this can be extended to up to 7 a long time.

How do I repair the stress on my Vokera boiler?

How you repair pressure on a Vokera boiler is dependent on why the pressure is too large or small. A Vokera boiler can be re-pressurised by adhering to the guide guidelines if the bar is underneath 1. But if you have a leak or yet another situation it may perhaps commence to fall or increase once more. If this happens a Homecure engineer can help take care of this.

What really should the force be on a Vokera boiler?

The strain gauge on a Vokera boiler really should be among 1 and 1.5. If it rises or falls considerably earlier mentioned or underneath this for an prolonged time period of time you will probable have a force concern that wants to be mounted. This is a little something Homecure engineers diagnose and repair each and every working day.

Why is my Vokera boiler flashing crimson?

A Vokera boiler flashing red is probable thanks to a lockout, which will stop heating and hot water working in your house. There a amount of causes why your Vokera boiler’s light is flashing red and 1 of our Gas Secure engineers can help promptly solve this situation.

Why is my Vokera boiler not operating?

If your Vokera boiler is not doing the job it could be owing to a wide variety of triggers. This can be everything from a defective PDB board or pump, or even an concern with the gas source. If your Vokera boiler is not functioning get in contact with us suitable absent and we’ll set up for an engineer to visit and repair it.


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