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Two Uncomplicated Strategies to Fix a Smelly Shower Drain I Rick’s Plumbing


There are typically smells coming from the bathroom that you are glad do not linger for very extensive. Relying on the dimensions of your spouse and children, all those organic bathroom smells could occur really often. But if you are smelling rotten eggs from your sink or drain, you might have a problem. Hydrogen sulfide gas generates a sulfur scent, and that is a little something you want to get treatment of! That scent is manufactured by unwanted germs.

Will cause of a Smelly Shower Drain

The most widespread lead to of a smelly shower drain is mould growth, clogged drain, dry P-trap, and leaky pipes. If you’re not cleaning your drain out regularly, the mix of these factors can generate the excellent surroundings for the odor-developing micro organism to increase.

Mildew Progress

If your bathroom is humid and likely dark, it can facilitate the development of mould in your shower drain. This is a prevalent result in of odor because of to the musty odor generated by mould spores. The existence of mildew in your bathroom should be taken severely as it can guide to asthma and other respiratory issues. You will have to have to clear out the mildew and dehumidify the region to lessen any prospective odors. Mold can be challenging to do away with. Hence, if the challenge persists, speak to a professional plumber.

Clogged Drain

When your drain is clogged, food stuff particles can get trapped and start out to decay. This rotting debris produces a foul odor that will make it difficult to use the shower. You can unclog the drain with an auger or by using a drain snake. From time to time, the issue arises from the stopper in the shower. As it catches scum, hair, and other debris, it clogs the drain. Above time, these can create a foul odor. If this is the circumstance, you can solve the trouble by having out the stopper and cleaning it with an aged toothbrush and hot water.

Dry P-Lure

If you use your shower occasionally, the water in your lure may evaporate leaving a foul smell to fill the air. If your bathroom is stuffed with the odor of sewage, you will need to examine your P-lure. The P-lure is a U-shaped pipe design that contains water to reduce sewer gases from coming back up into the shower. To resolve this issue, periodically operate some water down the drain when the shower isn’t becoming utilized. This will hold the P-lure total and avoid odors from escaping.

Leaky Pipes

If your pipes are leaking, you never only shed water, you could get rid of your sweet-smelling bathroom as effectively. Leaky pipes enable gases to escape, which can result in your bathroom to have a sewage-like scent. If you suspect that this is the situation, you should call a expert plumber right away.

These are just a number of of the probable triggers of a smelly shower drain. If you are getting trouble acquiring rid of an unpleasant odor in the bathroom, contemplate contacting in a qualified to assistance. They can determine the resource of the scent and consider care of it for you. After the challenge is settled, you are going to be equipped to love a clean up and fresh-smelling shower again!

Simple Assessments

It can often be troublesome to establish the correct site where by that smell is coming from. Luckily for us, there is an uncomplicated exam to aid you determine that out. Pour a glass of water from the tap you consider the scent to be coming from. Wander outside the house with that glass of water and scent it. Then do the very same factor in one more space in the property. Does it scent the identical? If the 2 glasses of water scent various than you have already established the probably issue is in the drain from that glass of water. If both of those of the eyeglasses smell the similar, then contaminated water could be the supply of the hydrogen sulfide gas.

Feasible Options

Contaminated Water – The offender could be that the anode rod in your water heater is reacting to the bacteria and developing an undesirable scent. Exchange the rod with an aluminum one and then use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the water.

Contaminated Sink drain – If that hydrogen sulfide gas is coming up by way of the pipes, here’s an quick answer to try. Pour a half cup of baking soda into the drain and then a cup of vinegar. Or, if you prefer, you can use a fifty percent cup of bleach.

If you’re even now smelling sulfur or rotten eggs in your Milford, CT bathroom, then it is time to call the gurus. An expert plumber can assist decide the place the odor is coming from and present you a option.

How to Hold Your Bathroom Thoroughly clean

To continue to keep your bathroom clean up, start off by offering it a deep cleaning. This consists of scrubbing the sink and shower or bathtub, wiping down surfaces with disinfectants, washing the floors, and spot-cleaning any places that may have to have more consideration. After your bathroom has been totally cleaned, you can acquire techniques to retain its cleanliness.

Initial of all, hold a typical cleaning schedule and stick to it. Make guaranteed to clean the bathroom at least at the time a 7 days, but you can do it a lot more frequently if vital. When cleansing the bathroom, make absolutely sure to scrub all surfaces with soapy water or a disinfectant cleaner. Spend specific interest to regions like faucets and drains, as very well as the shower and bathtub.

Also, be confident to continue to keep your bathroom muddle-free. Have a position for all of your toiletries and goods, these types of as baskets or caddies. This will make it a lot easier to location cleanse after each use and also support you prevent litter from accumulating in the to start with put.

Finally, hold your bathroom ventilated. Use a fan, open up windows, and/or operate the exhaust to enable clear away odors, steam from showers and baths, and humidity from the air. This will also assistance prevent mildew and mildew growth, which can be tough to clear and can result in overall health difficulties.

Make contact with Us Today For Assistance

If neither of those people eliminates that rotten egg odor, give us a connect with and we’ll aid diagnose the dilemma and present you a answer. Whether or not it’s maintenance or fast service to your plumbing procedure, Rick’s Plumbing can support! Look at out our revenue-conserving coupon codes and then give Rick’s Plumbing a call. If you require it rapidly, contact Rick!


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