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Why your boiler is leaking water and how to deal with it


A leaking boiler is not a thing that can be ignored as if remaining to establish even further it could not only result in a ton of injury but turn into a severe wellbeing hazard. When spotted and dealt with swiftly by a certified Gas Harmless engineer it will help save you a lot of cash and worry.

There are a quantity of factors why a leak could acquire in boiler, ranging from lousy installation to age deterioration or far too a lot strain in the system. No matter what the reason for the leak the most essential detail is to have it repaired as quickly as achievable. We have place alongside one another a manual on how to determine a leak and what you can do future.

How do I know if my boiler’s leaking water?

If your boiler keeps slicing out owing to very low pressure, this could be since you have a leak that has not nonetheless been noticed. In some cases you may possibly see a boiler leaking water on the floor or wall beneath. Smaller sized leaks can also reveal on their own as a stain or mould shut by to the boiler, or with warped skirting boards.

A boiler dripping from the base of the unit could be thanks to a faulty warmth exchanger, or an inside leak nevertheless to be determined. If you discover water coming out of a boiler you will have to have to get hold of an experienced firm who can rapidly attend your residence to solve the concern. Correcting a leak will also conserve you funds in the long operate as it makes sure you are conserving water – disregarding it will suggest your water expenses are likely to be bigger.

Why is my boiler leaking water?

When a boiler is running the right way you should really not see any water leaking from the procedure. If you do, it could be since:

  • Water force is much too high or low in the procedure.
  • The heat exchanger – that transforms cold water into hot water – has been broken.
  • The joints that join piping to the boiler may well not have been sealed accurately upon installation.
  • You may perhaps have an aged program that demands boiler servicing and repairs on some parts.

It is generally the case that a leak can be mounted without the require for a new boiler, despite the fact that this is dependent on the style and extent of leak that takes place.

Kinds of leaks: exactly where is the leak coming from?

Water leaking from the base

Consumers often check with: “My boiler is leaking water from the bottom, what can I do?” This could be induced by a leak from the heating pump, a defective tension release valve, heater trade corrosion or problem with the auto-air vent.

Condensate pipe dripping 

A boiler condensate pipe dripping could be thanks to a cracked heat exchanger. This can direct to mains water or the procedure draining into the condensate pipe and the hot water can bring about the pipe joints fall short. Installing a new heat exchanger should resolve this.

Water dripping from Combi boiler overflow pipe

A boiler overflow pipe dripping from a Combi procedure (a tension relief valve) is usually due to the fact there is far too a great deal pressure in the process, or the valve is not sealed effectively. A Gas Secure engineer can diagnose and correct a Combi boiler leaking in this way.         

Prevalent leads to of boilers leaking water

Leaking heat exchanger

This is popular on finances or more mature boiler styles. Nonetheless, it is not a thing you will be able to diagnose your self, so you will need to have a specialist engineer to appear and identify the concern.

A leaking heat exchanger could mean the close for a boiler, even though there are situations wherever it can be replaced. In quite a few situations, it is a lot more cost-productive to purchase a new boiler in its place.

Higher water strain

Boilers start out to wrestle when they practical experience as well much force, which sales opportunities to them breaking down. Check out the force gauge on the boiler – nearly anything in excess of the 1 mark and the eco-friendly bar will show there is a pressure difficulty.  

The least complicated way to fix large water strain is to bleed the radiators. Prior to beginning, you should really usually be certain that the the filling loop faucets beneath the boiler are closed. Then use a radiator crucial to bleed the radiators, turning it right up until water will come out to ease the stress on the boiler. A idea right here is to bleed the radiator that is at the greatest stage in your house &#8211 generally a bathroom towel rail &#8211 as the air rises by way of the technique and will typically stop up below.

Leaking boiler pipes

Corrosion of the pipes underneath the boiler is a popular motive for a boiler leak. From time to time it can also be due to very poor installation, even though the previous is a more typical incidence. Examine the pipes and if any are wet or leaking, if so, then this is the resource of the issue.

A experienced gas engineer will have to be identified as out to repair leaking boiler pipes. But you can support have the water in the meantime by inserting a bowl beneath to seize it so it doesn’t run across the floor beneath.

Leaks from internal elements of boilers

Some leaks can be simpler to discover than other people. Interior boiler leaks on joints and areas these types of as seals can be a final result of decay owing to sustained pressure on the process. When seals are broken, water can start off to appear out fairly rapidly.

You can take out the protect of the boiler to check this – if you are comfy undertaking so. Alternatively, get in touch with out an engineer who will be in a position to location this really swiftly. It is commonly rather uncomplicated to repair and seals do not cost a great deal of dollars to replace.

How to verify leaks prompted by inadequate installation

You won’t essentially know that the leak is remaining brought on by inadequate installation – unless of course you are a qualified engineer. Having said that, boiler pipes leaking can be a explain to-tale indicator that the boiler may possibly not have been put in up to the required common.

This will be a little something that only a qualified Gas Secure engineer will be equipped to repair. It may possibly be the scenario that a new boiler installation is essential to rectify the current challenges. This could be extra highly-priced than you hoped, but it will assure you and your family are protected.

Is it an emergency?

Anytime you location or believe that a leak is developing within your boiler you should really get hold of an seasoned Gas Secure engineer. No make any difference how smaller it may well show up to be, the leak can sooner or later guide to substantial harm occurring not only to the boiler but to your property much too.

Normally, leaks do have rather straight ahead fixes and several men and women will fill snug bleeding a radiator. Even so, if the diagonses of what&#8217s leading to the leak is incorrect, the tried resolve could make factors worse. If in any question at all, make sure you do contact both the business that set up your boiler process or knowledgeable Gas Secure engineers like ourselves.

Frequent leaking boilers (with error codes)

Worcester Bosch boilers

Mistake codes: A1, E9, CE207 and H07

These mistake codes will generally look on types these types of as Worcester CDi Highflow, Worcester Greenstar 25i, Worcester CDi Course, Worcester Greenstar 30i and almost all Worcester boilers.

Vaillant boilers

Error codes: F.13, F.22, F.24, F.73, S.41 and S.53

These error codes will be found on Vaillant EcoTEC Pro, Vaillant EcoMax Pro and Vaillant EcoTEC In addition models.

BAXI boilers

Error codes: 117, 118, 125, E78, H.02, H.03, H.04, H.05, H.06

These mistake codes will appear on Baxi 200 / 400 Combi Gas boilers.

What do I do if I have a boiler leaking gas or oil?

By style and design, a boiler ought to in no way leak gas or oil. If you see dripping oil or suspect there may possibly be a gas leak it should normally be addressed as an emergency. A gas leak could emit carbon monoxide into your household, and is entirely odourless, which is why it’s important to install a carbon monoxide detector nearby (landlords should set up these by law in their rented attributes). The intake of much too much carbon monoxide can prove deadly.

If you start experience ill, tired, dizzy or build a headache, you need to open all the windows in the assets, extinguish any bare flames and leave as immediately as attainable.

When it comes to leaking oil the scent may perhaps notify you to the trouble and you could also location stains or pooling on close by surfaces. If this transpires, shut the tank’s tap or valve, open all the home windows and place a container beneath the leak to avoid it from spreading.

Ought to your boiler start to leak gas or oil we suggest you to get in contact with Homecure correct away. We provide a variety of boiler services such as leak detection in Dublin. We will aim to be at your handle in just the hour and our Gas Safe engineers will immediately find the leak and ensure it is securely managed and repaired.

FAQs about boilers leaking water

Is a boiler leaking water risky?

Many prospects talk to “Is a leaking boiler an emergency?” and as experienced Gas Protected engineers, it is an concern we believe needs to be dealt with as immediately as attainable. It can drastically problems the boiler and your property, primary to rust and mould which can then spread.

Will a boiler leaking water mean it loses tension?

If you see water dripping from boiler elements it will eventually direct to very low water tension. This will also have an effect on your central heating, as the overall performance stages will be diminished and it will have to work considerably more challenging to heat the area.

Can I use my boiler if it’s leaking?

A different typical query we hear is: “If my boiler is leaking can I however use it?” If you see a leak or discover the boiler strain has dropped very a large amount then prevent employing the boiler. Swap off the water offer and central heating and contact the Homecure group as quickly as possible.

Why is water dripping from my boiler overflow pipe?

A gas boiler leaking water from the overflow pipe could be because far too a great deal tension has crafted up in the process due to a unsuccessful growth vessel. You will want to get in touch with out a skilled Gas Risk-free engineer as soon as probable to have this preset.

Is my boiler leaking carbon monoxide?

If a boiler is leaking carbon monoxide the flame will be yellow alternatively of blue. Condensation can also construct on home windows and/or staining close to gas appliances. A boiler gas leak is particularly dangerous so in this occasion flip off the boiler, open up windows, leave the assets and contact a Gas Protected engineer quickly.

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